Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review Of Articoolo - The Rapid Online Article Content Generator

Articoolo Article Builder Review

Article writing can be a real time-consuming chore sometimes. What if there was a solution to get a computer to work on the more grueling aspects of writing for you? Imagine you had an accomplice to find the words quickly and leave you to do the simple tasks of proofreading and editing. That's Articoolo, a computer robot article writing tool that creates unique content up to 500 words automatically. It lets you invest only a few minutes performing proofreading and doing a few quick edits to a rapidly generated draft document and not waste hours on writing.

Create Articles Anywhere

Being a cloud-based SaaS application, anyone can gain access to Articoolo's composing abilities from any internet-connected PC or Mac notebook or desktop computer, or even a hand held tablet or smart phone. In this review of Articoolo I should also mention there's also a plug-in available for WordPress. It allows webmaster's to generate and publish fresh content easily right from within their WordPress site's administrative dashboard.

How To Generate An Article With Articoolo

Articoolo's online article creator makes use of AI - Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Generation formulas to create an article up to five hundred words in just a couple of minutes. You simply key-in a 2 to 5 word keyword expression and set your desired article word-count. Articoolo then examines on-line libraries for related content, then puts together the article. In the second stage of processing,  spell-check, linguistics and plagiarism analyses are executed to assure 100% unique article content.

Highly Readable Money-Site Content Quality

Because Articoolo scrapes existing articles for source material, you generally get a highly-readable, logically organized draft article you can quickly tweak to your satisfaction. Other online article creators often mash readable and on-topic but random sentences together into a fake kind of paragraph that doesn't really address a single concept like a well-written, cohesive paragraph should. For an example of that sort of mash-up content generation, try a free trial of Article Forge which is great for tiered link building content, but not necessarily money-site caliber articles.

On-Topic Articles Cheaper Than Outsourcing

Instead of paying outsourcer's to have articles written and waiting to evaluate the results, Articoolo  lets you quicky generate content you can review within minutes at a fraction of the cost. Bulk packages of article credits are available so that articles only cost 1 or 2 bucks. With a monthly subscription package, Articoolo articles can cost as little as fifty cents.


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